Friends of Deansfield School Charity

Friends of Deansfield School - Charity

Our trustees

Friends of Deansfield School is a registered charity (charity number:1195604). The trustees of the charity are Tracy Parsley (Treasurer), Magda Waldron (Secretary) and Kellie Dare-Williams (Communications officer). All trustees are parents of children at Deansfield Primary School.






Our purpose

The purpose of Friends of Deansfield School is to help advance the education of pupils in the school, in particular by participating in activities and providing facilities and equipment to help support the school and improve the learning and play environments, and by developing effective relationships between school staff, parents and the local community.

Our work

Friends of Deansfield School works with parents, carers, pupils and the local community to organise events and activities such as cake sales, school discos, fayres, quiz nights, comedy nights and cinema nights. These events aim to promote the charity and the school, build the school community, break down barriers and raise funds. Through social media and school communication methods Friends of Deansfield School promotes engagement with events and creates awareness of the facilities provided through fundraising.

The benefits

The activities of the Friends of Deansfield School aim to enhance the education of pupils at Deansfield School. The funds raised help to support additional learning and play activities, support school initiatives, bring the school community together and promote health and wellbeing. The Friends of Deansfield School provides parents, teachers and the local community with the opportunity to exchange views, work together and to develop mutual trust and confidence. Research has shown that parental involvement with a parent teacher association such as the Friends of Deansfield School has a very significant impact on a child's achievement and attainment at schoo

How to get involved

Everyone involved in the school community is welcome to join in, whether you have children or grandchildren at the school, or you are a childminder or live locally and want to support Deansfield School then you are welcome to get involved. We run events and activities for children, adults and families which need the help and support of many volunteers. So, if you would like to help please get in touch, follow us on social media and look out for our news and updates.



Facebook: search for Friends of Deansfield School



Class reps

Each class at Deansfield needs one or more class reps. Class reps help to share information, generate support and interest for activities and help to run events. This involves joining our WhatsApp group and attending one meeting per half term, to find out what is going on so that you can share the details with your class. Class reps also help to set up and run events and to support and raise awareness of fundraising activities and the benefits of these. Getting involved as a class rep is a good way to get to know the school community and your class and teacher better. If you are interested in finding out more about joining in this way, or would like to put yourself forward as a class rep, then please let us know by emailing and attending our next meeting. The details of meetings will be published in the Friday Flyer newsletter and on our social media. We hope you can help, thank you.