Goodbye ...

The last day of term was time for us to say Goodbye and Good Luck to several members of staff.
The whole school, including staff and pupils isolating at home, joined the leavers and Year 3, who were in the hall, on a Google Meet session. Mrs Gordon, Mrs Daly and other members of staff spoke about the Deansfield leavers' time at our school, and at the end of the gathering children from around the school sang A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman.
We thank all of our leavers for the huge contribution they have made to Deansfield and wish them all success and happiness in their future careers and retirement.

Mrs Colvin joined the school in 1990, when she started work in classes with pupils who are now parents themselves. She also looked after pupils as a Midday Supervisor and then moved on to have responsibility for resources across the school. In the last 9 years, Mrs Colvin has been a valued member of the office team, often the first point of call for many parents. She has taken on all challenges presented to her with a smile and super-efficiency and will be much missed by pupils and staff alike. We wish her health and happiness in her retirement.
Mrs Old started working at Deansfield in 1994. Her cheery smile and positive attitude has enhanced the learning experience of all the pupils in whose classes she has worked as a teaching assistant and the teachers in those classes have appreciated her support in delivering the curriculum. We will miss her sense of humour and commitment to the school. All best wishes to her for a long and happy retirement.
Miss Kamau began her teaching career in 2012 as a trainee at Deansfield. She has encouraged all the pupils in her classes with her kind and gentle manner. Her background in dance has delighted the children she has worked with, and her choreography has enhanced many assemblies and productions in the years she has been at Deansfield. Thank you!
Mrs Nash joined the staff at Deansfield in 2015, taking a post as a class teacher in a job share. Since then she has either been a class teacher or using her skills in smaller tutor groups where her attention to detail has helped children to grow in confidence with tasks they previously found difficult. Her calm and gentle approach have inspired many pupils over the last six years.
Mrs Davis came to Deansfield, in 2018, when a new role of Cover Teacher was introduced. She has taught all classes from Nursery to Year 6, often at a moment's notice, delivering lessons from all parts of the curriculum. The children are always pleased when Mrs Davis visits their classrooms.
Miss Hedges was a newly qualified teacher when she arrived at Deansfield in 2019. Her classroom is always a calm but busy and fun workplace for the children with beautiful displays. She is moving to a new school where the children will be very lucky to have her as a teacher. Good Luck!
Mrs Martin has been at Deansfield for three and a half years, working as a Midday Supervisor. She has contributed to the smooth running of lunchtimes in the dining hall and playground, an approachable and friendly face for children who need support in the middle of the day. We wish her good luck with her future career.