RT - Mrs Turner

Autumn Term

We are back in school and ready for plenty of learning this term.

Our topic for this half term is ‘Ourselves and our families’ and ‘London’.

During the next half term, we will be looking at ‘Traditional Tales’.

We will be reading a wide range of stories, basing our work around the texts, characters and settings. The children will be encouraged to act out stories, draw pictures and produce writing based on themes from the texts. Daily phonic sessions will be used to introduce the children to letters and their sounds. Look out for the children’s phonics book in their book bag as well as their reading book and contact book.
Please bring them to school every day.

Children will learn maths through group sessions and focus group work. They will enjoy a range of stimulating and practical activities that will develop their skills in counting, calculation and shape, space and measure. Children will be encouraged to explore using their senses and experience maths in the world around them and use maths vocabulary as they play and learn. Have a look for maths related things on the way to school!

We will spend time exploring our environment and use our senses to investigate our world. Festivals like Eid, Christmas, Harvest and Diwali are great opportunities to try unfamiliar foods and celebrate special occasions. We will observe signs of seasonal change, using the classroom and the outside area at school to explore light and dark, weather and living things. Close observation of special objects and telling stories will allow the children to explore and ask questions about the world around them.

Each child has a book ‘My home, my school, my world’ which is an enjoyable way of sharing learning experiences. To support your child with their learning, there will be a weekly challenge for you to share at home. You can record your learning through photographs, drawings and annotations. Challenges will be set on a Friday and we look forward to seeing what the children have recorded in their books each Monday.

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