Sybil - our school dog

Introducing Sybil, our school dog.

Sybil is just a puppy at the moment. She lives with Mrs Gordon and her family but will be coming to school to visit. She will have a bed in Mrs Gordon's office and she may be on the gate in the morning or walking around the school with her. She may be shy or excited at first as she is a puppy but she is looking forard to getting to know everyone as she gets a little older.

Sybil has a lot to learn but we can help her by remembering how to be dog smart.
Mrs Gordon showed us some posters in assembly, produced by The Dogs Trust, which explained how to be safe and considerate when meeting dogs.
Click on the links below to see the posters.

Guidance and a risk assessment for our school dog are available in School information - Policies

If you haven’t already granted permission for your child to interact with our school dog but would like to, please visit SIMs Pay.


Facts about Sybil

Name: Sybil

Date of birth: 22.9.2019

Star sign: Scorpio

Place of birth: Hereford

Breed: Blonde Labradoodle

Breed group: Gundog

Home: Mrs. Gordon’s house with another older dog called Belle

Likes: Treats, toys, playing, digging holes, napping, walks and children.

Dislikes: Loud noises, unkind behaviour, hands in her face.

Favourite toys: Rag ropes, balls, meaty dinosaur bones!

Fun fact: Mum is a black Labrador called Raven and  Dad is a fox red Poodle.