DPA - Future Events

Thank you for your support with the DPA fund-raising last term.
We are looking forward to another busy term and would welcome any new volunteers as we try to raise money for the pupils at Deansfield.
We will not be able to put on these planned events without your support.  Please donate a little of your time to help at events, if you can, so that we can continue to raise money for the school. Thank you.

Spring Term 2020

Spring term:
Cake Sale year 4 Friday 20th March
Cake Sale year 2 Friday 24th April 


Summer term 2020

Quiz night (adults) Friday 1st May
Cake Sale year 5 Friday 22nd May
Cake Sale year 6 Friday 12th June
Summer disco (kids) Friday 19th June
Auction (adults) Friday 5th June
Summer fayre (family) Wednesday 8th July  

We will have details of the summer events nearer the time.


DPA and the Deansfield Technology Hub

Miss Powell, 6P, is heading up the refit of the ICT suite at Deansfield. The aim is to kit out the rebranded “Technology Hub” with a variety of technology for children to explore and create with. We hope for this to include: iPad, Chromebooks, Amazon Alexa, a new display screen to replace the projector, large planning boards and to create comfortable, sociable zones with bean bags for children to embrace the latest technology in a safe and calm environment.
Our target for the “Technology Hub” is £10,000. Some of this will be made from selling old devices and some will also be made when Deansfield teachers and parents run the half marathon. The Deansfield Parents Association will be donating all proceeds from their Christmas events and activities towards this goal. We really appreciate your involvement in these events. We do understand that when busy, it is not always possible to make these events and we therefore always welcome one off donations if this is preferred. The money raised will help to create an exciting space in which children can learn and create, whilst becoming confident and comfortable with technology. Thank you for your support.