DPA - Committee

The DPA Committee meets regularly, around once a month, to discuss, plan and coordinate upcoming events. The committee is run by a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and is supported by a number of other roles, all of whom are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), held at the start of each academic year. In addition there are year group representatives, who help to inform parents of planned events and to generate support.

Committee members

Chair Jen Smith jensmithdpa@gmail.com
Secretary Nicola Midgeley and Magda Waldron
Treasurer Nicola Midgeley
Website Kellie-Dare Williams
Design Richard Gooch
Sponsorship Pamela Lyddon,

Year Representatives

Please come and speak to us in the playground to find out more about what is going on and to make suggestions or to volunteer.

Nursery Ms Dawar (AM)
Reception Nicola Midgley and Sophie Baruc
Year 1 Pam Lyddon, Magda Waldron and Kate Boundy
Year 2 Janette Marr
Year 3 Stacey Horgan and Cheryl Barson
Year 4 Amanda Jackson-Downie
Year 5 Mira Warlatscheff-Winters
Year 6 Nicola Wilkes