Sports Day

On Wednesday 26th June, we will be holding Sports Day at Eltham Park South (by the swing park and tennis courts) for children in Reception to Year 6, weather permitting. An exciting action-packed time for the children is planned and we hope you will be able to come along. If the weather is uncertain, we will make a decision whether to go to the park by 9.30am; if we decide not to go, we will text you to let you know. Please ensure we have your up-to-date mobile number.
Children will be split into teams, each team being designated a colour and we ask, if possible, that children wear a T shirt predominantly in the colour of their team. Children have been told their team colour (colours will either be blue, yellow, black, green or red). If you do not have a T shirt predominant in your allocated colour, children should come in a white PE shirt and they will be given bands in the appropriate colour.
The teams and colours are shown on class pages on eSpace if your child needs to check.
All the children (except Nursery) will walk up to the park in class groups with their teachers for a 10.00am start.
▪ The children need to come to school already dressed in their PE Kit - appropriately coloured T shirt (see above), black shorts and trainers.
▪ Activities will take place between 10am and 1.30pm followed by the Daily Mile from 1.30pm.
▪ Your child will need a packed lunch, extra drinks, a sunhat or a sweatshirt – depending on the weather! Please apply sunscreen if necessary before they leave home.
▪ You may take your child home from the park after the activities have finished but please tell your class teacher before doing so. Children will not be allowed to leave the park without adult supervision. Any child not picked up from the park will return to school and be dismissed from class at the usual time. 
Please be aware that there are parking restrictions in the vicinity of the park.
I am sure you will appreciate that taking so many children to the park takes a lot of organising, so we would be grateful if you would remember the following:  
▪ Please do not bring dogs with you to the park.
▪ The children will need to stay with their class at all times (including lunch) so please do not take your child away from their group.
▪ Please do not buy your child an ice cream. Although the Café will be open, please also refrain from buying hot drinks as this presents a potential health and safety hazard with so many children around.
Nursery children find Sports Day at the Park a little overwhelming, so we are holding a separate session for them at school during their usual session on Wednesday 26th June. They will hold their own very low-key activities in their playground.  Space restriction in the Foundation playground means that we cannot invite parents, but we know that by the time children reach Reception they should be ready to be fully involved in the events at the park.
If you can help by ferrying equipment to the park, or walking with the children, please let your class teacher know. Thank you for your support.