Core Priorities 2017-2018

Embed the PSHCE curriculum to ensure children know how to keep themselves healthy and safe within an inclusive community which promotes understanding and respect for others.
Use targeted Quality First Teaching and interventions to ensure that all children, including vulnerable learners, make at least expected progress.
Develop the role of the subject leader to raise standards in Foundation Subjects by securing high quality outcomes and the progression of skills in each subject within the context of a broad and rich curriculum.
Accelerate learning for all children by providing professional development opportunities which support teachers to use AFL to pitch learning precisely by extending the level of challenge through engagement and promoting dialogic classrooms.
Evaluate and review teaching and learning strategies and the curriculum to ensure all children are able to reach at least the expected standard in formal assessment.
Ensure that the use of formative and summative assessments effectively secures outstanding progress for all groups of learners.
Develop an assessment system that supports teachers to pitch learning precisely and extend the level of challenge to secure at least expected progress for all learners in EYFS.