5H - Miss Hazlewood

Welcome to Year 5. The children have settled well and are becoming familiar with the routines of the class.

The Science Topic this half term is Forces, which links to our work in Literacy ‘Take One Painting’. We will be revisiting some learning on gravity and learning how this impacts on other forces for example air resistance and water resistance. We are looking forward to our visit to The National Gallery, in October, to see the Turner painting.
 In Autumn 2 we will be developing the children’s understanding about materials and their properties.

In literacy, we begin the term with a whole school topic ‘Take One Painting’ where we will be exploring ‘The Fighting Temeraire ‘. In Autumn 2 we will be using a Michael Morpurgo text to develop reading skills.

In maths, children will continue to consolidate the Maths covered in Year 4, with more emphasis this year on understanding decimals, fractions and percentages. They will also be learning the formal methods for all four operations to support in problem solving activities.

This term, we have an exciting History topic, ‘The Vikings’. We will be learning about the people, where they came from and their influence on our culture. Our visit to the National Maritime Museum, in November, will support this area of learning, as will the visit from Freshwater Theatre in October.

We will be linking Computing to all areas of learning through a variety of devices, such as iPads, iMacs and laptops, to create and code our own programs.

Our focus this term in Art is creating a variety of textures and layers through collage. Children will also be sketching, painting and learning techniques such as perspective and vanishing points. In DT we will be exploring CAMS mechanisms and making moving models.

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