Who took the iPads?

At the end of Science Week, Class 3A had the job of summarising all the facts, evidence and analysis in the mystery of 'Who took the iPads?'. It was quite a task as the Key Stage 2 detectives had been very busy since the absence of the iPads was discovered.
In such a short time the class had learnt their words well and they spoke in clear voices so that everyone in the school could follow the sequence of events which took place.  Watch the video to find out the culprit!

The video of the assembly is on eSpace. Pupils have their login details so they can share the assembly with families and carers.
There is a link to the eSpace website on the Pupil Voice tab of this website.
When you have logged on, hover over the words Deansfield eSpace and click on Visit site, just below . Then click on the word Assembly. On the page that opens click on Summer Term 2018 class assemblies. Enjoy watching! The same video is also on the Deansfield Crime page which is also on the Assembly tab. on the Crime page there are further videos.

Make sure you have Adobe Flash Player enabled on your browser.

Thank you to Mrs Ackermann for organising Science Week, in particular for engaging eveyone in 'The Mystery of the Missing iPads'.