Detectives at Deansfield!

Wednesday morning at Deansfield and a shock discovery. Someone had opened the iPad trolley and removed all the iPads with green covers. Noone in the building before school appeared to have any idea where the iPads could be so the iPad trolley was sealed with crime tape and further investigations had to take place. Strangely, there was a footprint found in a garden bed, fingerprints were discovered near the lock and a reminders note had been dropped near to the iPad trolley. A mystery indeed!

Luckily, there was a forensic scientist who could come to offer advice on ways to solve the crime. In assembly, Jane Redman described how footprints, fingerprints and ink samples could be analysed so Key Stage 2 children had plenty to do to help solve the mystery. Year 3 focused on footprints, Year 4 put their observational skills to good use on fingerprints, Year 5 tackled some chromatography while Year 6 concentrated on questioning suspects.

The school also viewed a video  witness statement from Miss Hazlewood.

In Thursday's assembly there was a review of the evidence. Each year group presented their findings and opinions were expressed on the likely culprit. All will be revealed on Friday in assembly. Meanwhile, who do you think could be responsible?

Have a look at the witness statement and the review of the evidence on eSpace. Login link on Pupil Voice tab as usual. There is a link to the  Deansfield Crime page on the eSpace assembly tab.