Take One ...

This term our ‘Take One’ focus will be ‘Blue Planet’.
Each year group will be planning an scheme of work based around either 'Blue Planet II' or 'Planet Earth II'. The outcome of the work done in class will be displayed in the central areas of the school later in the term.

We hope you have all had the opportunity of watching the David Attenborough Blue Planet TV programme which has been amazing and is the inspiration
of our termly focus. If you missed it, try to catch it on iPlayer—it’s really fantastic TV.

The Spring term has a special Science focus, with Science Week ( a 10 day celebration) taking place 9th—18th March 2018.
To celebrate Science Week, we have organised an Immersive Dome to come to school and will work out a timetable for all children to participate in this exciting event. This will take place on Friday 9th March.

Click here to visit the Immersive Dome website.

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