4PW - Miss Powell

Spring Term 2018

We are looking forward to another busy term.
In maths we will continue to work on mental calculations involving all four operations, as well as formal written methods. We will also be learning more about fractions and decimals.
For the first half term, our Literacy focus will be a study of Beowulf, which links with our topic on the Anglo Saxons in History in which we will be looking into their invasions and settlements and exploring an important mystery for this time called ‘Sutton Hoo’. We will also be designing and creating our very own Anglo Saxon pots.
Our science topic to start the term is ‘Animals, including humans’ which will include digestion and teeth. After half term we will be finding out about liquids, solids, gases and changes in state.
In ICT we will continue to learn about coding and programming by using Scratch to make our own games and animations.

Click on the link below to see what we did in the Autumn Term.

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