5H - Miss Hazlewood

Spring Term 2018

We are looking forward to another busy term.

Our Take One project this half term will be focused on the Blue Planet and Planet Earth series. It will be linked to Geography and will
include research into our planet; topography, its place in the solar system and how it supports life. We will be creating an installation to present our learning and this will be showcased alongside the work from other year groups.
This half term, our Science topic will be Earth & Space and we are looking forward to the Planetarium show.
After half-term we move onto studying Forces in science.
Our Geography and History this term is linked to Mexico and the Mayan civilisation. We will be drawing comparisons between this civilisation and
others that we have studied. On 7th March The Freshwater Theatre Company will be visiting for a Mayan workshop.
After half term we will be focussing on the geography of the local area and using maps from present day and the past to find out more about Eltham and its surrounding area.
In History we will be using research skills to find out more about Highwaymen and their connection with Shooters Hill.
In RE this term we will be learning more about Sikhism and the Gurdwara.
In PSHCE we will be using 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan to learn about migration as well as exploring our values of Trust and Fairness. Our art work will also be linked to The Arrival as we learn how to develop form in shape through shading and building up a collage picture.
DT promises to be a tasty topic as we make our own bread!
In maths we will be developing problem solving skills through open questions and collaborative work. We are concentrating on written methods of
division and multiplication, working and recording our work systematically, fractions, decimals and percentages.
Our ICT work will be developing our programming skills using the Scratch programme to program and debug algorithms when creating simple games.


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